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At Mortgage Made Easy, we take the time to understand your circumstances, compare 100’s of loan products from over 30 lenders to find the one that suits you and structure your deal in a way that maximises your chances of approval.

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We pride ourselves for going above and beyond your expectations and guide you at every step of the way from search to ownership and beyond.

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Puneet Singh

Having worked in different industries after arriving from India in 2008, Puneet is working as a Finance specialist at mortgage made easy from last few years.

Puneet has established himself as a Platinum Broker with the major banks, giving his clients access to the lowest interest rates on the market. Puneet is known for financing transactions that others find difficult to do and arranging complicated deals. He now brings his strong negotiating abilities and intelligence to the Finance industry, where he is working hard to establish a name for himself as a provider of results and a positive customer experience. His client loyalty is astounding in a field that is always evolving, which is a credit to his exceptional reputation and says a lot about the importance as he focuses on open communication, solid relationships, and, of course, market expertise.

Our Mission

A component of the Great Australian Dream is getting a home loan. Everybody has a unique dream And you need a house loan whether you’re shopping for a home for you and your family, climbing up the property ladder, or creating your own real estate empire.

Unfortunately, getting a home loan usually isn’t easy. Property prices are sky high which makes saving a deposit hugely challenging. And even once you get a deposit, you still need to navigate the “property obstacle course”: finding the right home, dealing with real estate agents (who can be dodgy at times), beating out the competition to win that contract. There’s a lot to deal with.

Our mission is to take the stress, uncertainty and complication out of the process And Guide you step-by-step, all the way from “thinking about buying” to “happily settled”. To give you the education and tools you need to feel confident in the process. To provide you with clarity and transparency so you always know where you’re at.

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